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Superpowers, the last great challenge of technology

  • superpoderes último gran reto de la tecnología

Some superpowers that we have so far only seen in fiction such as telekinesis, metamorphosis or photographic memory could be reproduced by technology within a period of less than a decade, thanks to the combination of intelligence techniques artificial with emotion analysis tools.


The open struggle for technological "made in..."

  • technological rivarly

The rivalry for a relevant position has existed throughout history. Today, powers such as China, the United States, Korea, and even old Europe are struggling to reach the top of the technological podium in order to achieve some form of dominance over the adversaries.

In this scenario of almost fierce competition there is no lack of practices that may not be 100% legitimate. In the specific case of the United States and China, the fight and mutual distrust reach unheard of dimensions.


5G networks, a license to fly

  • 5G-networks-perspectives-altia

Who has never dreamed of instant, ubiquitous communications? The leap from analog to digital mobile technology was already a major step in the race for the implementation of information and communication infrastructures that, over the years, have become faster, more flexible and more reliable.


Virtual reality, towards a parallel universe

  • virtual-reality-ally-for-companies
  • virtual-reality-ally-for-companies

Virtual reality (VR) is enormously revolutionizing human interaction in the current digital age. Currently, it is already used in areas such as leisure, research, training or tourism; but companies can also expand their circle of relationships by using this technology to disseminate their content.