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Adrián Fernández, Valladolid office.

1. Why did you choose Altia for your internship?
The truth is that my college directly assigned me Altia to join the FCT internship from the Network Information Systems Administration FP, but when I looked for more information about the company, it seemed a very good option for my first contact with the world of work: the size of the company, the business area and its impact caught my attention. The truth is, I was very lucky!

2. How were your first days?
At first I was very nervous, it was my first time in a professional environment, and I didn't know how to focus my tasks and functions, even if I had the theoretical knowledge. My companions Jesus and Dani helped me a lot to guide me, and they stopped to explain all and any  questions to me. So, once I got more confident and encouraged myself to ask and propose more, everything went better.

3. How was your experience in the AltiaDigitalHub program?
Day after day I got to know my peers and establish relationships with them, looking at what they do and how they do it, learning from them. I accompanied them in many of their tasks, and I was able to meet people from other areas such as development, sales... I really like to be able to relate to colleagues from other teams.

4. Did you imagine it like this?
Truthfully, I imagined a dry and distant environment, but I've come across a very close and friendly way of treating people in Altia, while maintaining professionalism.

5. What do you think you've evolved into?
I think I have improved in most areas, both professionally and personally. I would point out that I have better analytical and problem-solving skills, good communication and dealing with people, and results orientation.

6. If you had to define your experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Professional, fun and diverse.