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Vision and challenge

Cinco ventajas Low-Code
Five advantages to focusing on Low-Code development in a company
maria.roca | 02 September

This model achieves a platform that provides a response that is efficient and sustainable over time, and agile regarding the needs of the business.

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Spring Cloud Data Flow
maria.roca | 01 September

A Spring Cloud tool for Streaming and Batch data processing using scheduled tasks.

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The Ministry for Economy and Business recognises Altia’s work towards the implementation of WECO
maria.roca | 23 August

MINECO has recognized Altia's work towards the implementation of WECO.

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FP Dual
We bring the company closer to the world of education with a new cycle in Dual Professional Training
maria.roca | 23 August

New cycle in Dual Professional Training in A Coruña: Development of Web Applications.

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Technology: a catalyst for tourism
maria.roca | 23 August

The pandemic has created a before and after in modern history. But let's focus on technology and apply it to a sector as vital as tourism.

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BonitaSoft’s 360º certification
maria.roca | 04 August

We welcome our new partner, BonitaSoft, an open-source Business Process Automation Platform (BPM). Offering fast and ongoing automation projects.

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