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Hunters - Intership Program

Internship Program

We are looking for people who are hunters of new technologies

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We are looking for Hunters, people to help us anticipate the challenges of the future.


If you are finishing your degree or have just graduated and want to start as a professional in the IT sector, if you like challenges, you are interested in trends and you have an innovative soul, we are looking for you.

We are looking for people who can bring fresh approaches and new ways of doing things. A hunter rises to the challenge of trying out new solutions, delivering results that make a difference.

Being a Hunter means being part of a diverse group that generates and transfers knowledge.


are people...


who have the ability to anticipate digital solutions that will help us grow.


with a drive for innovation, spotting and keeping up with the latest technologies.


who bring the most efficient and powerful perspective to each solution.


eager to learn and generate different and genuine experiences.

¿Qué tenemos para ti?

Flexibility and adaptation

Beach 🌅, mountain 🌄 and (sometimes) some office 🏢: we are in Edificio ASV, right in front of EUIPO.
⏲️ Time flexibility (arrival, departure, lunch time…) and special days, whatever you need to make it compatible with your studies!


Your talent, without limits! 🚀 You will work on real projects that will allow you to learn while you work.
You will find learning experiences to improve or expand your knowledge, including cutting-edge technologies or softskills.

And we offer you the possibility of doing your Bachelor’s Thesis or Master’s Dissertation with us!

Open Culture

Internal recognition, self-managed work, facilitators of ideas, equality and equity, transparency, participation and good atmosphere. Connected and positive teams! 👍

Evolution and growth

At Altia we offer you the opportunity to develop your professional career with us 🙌 through paid internships in different areas of IT and with various technological environments: software development, system administration, cybersecurity, data science, BI, GIS…

You will always be accompanied on your way: you will have a reference person when you enter, your team will be with you on a daily basis and the Talent Team will support you in whatever you need 🤩​.

Join Hunters

If you are eager for new challenges, send your CV.

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