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The project has bolstered the HR company’s infrastructure to meet the technological challenges of the future. 

We have implemented a cloud digital transformation project for Nortempo Group. It is a comprehensive IT solution that will meet all of the requested requirements, enhancing the HR company’s data efficiency, redundancy, integrity, flexibility, adaptability and security, while enabling better resource management and data-driven strategic decision making. The service transition process was carried out without impacting production.

Nortempo Group is a leader in human resources and labour management, with over three decades of experience and 500 professionals in over 50 workplaces. With offices in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, it has stood out for its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, offering comprehensive HR solutions and outsourcing services. Its continued expansion and diversification require an IT system that can not only keep pace with its growth, but also anticipate future market needs. To this end, it has trusted Altia to implement a project in which the service transition has had no impact on production, so operations can continue uninterrupted and in a transparent manner for users.

Key objectives

Our project has met several key objectives: consolidating and optimising corporate systems in a single cloud provider; providing high availability and perimeter security; ensuring application performance and scalability; and close and agile technical support with increased technical advice, consultancy and best practices in managing and tackling new IT projects. To this end, we implemented a comprehensive IT solution with server and system consolidation on a unified private cloud platform, significantly improving efficiency and redundancy. Advanced security protocols were also implemented to ensure data integrity and privacy, which will allow Nortempo to manage its resources more efficiently and make better data-driven decisions.

The new IT infrastructure has raised security and reliability standards. The ability to scale services according to demand has afforded Nortempo greater flexibility and adaptability, resulting in more informed and strategic decision-making.

Pablo Gil

“At Altia we are committed to driving our clients’ digital transformation, and the project with Nortempo Group is a clear showcase of our approach and capabilities. We have worked closely with them to understand their needs and challenges, and have designed a tailored solution that not only addresses their current requirements, but also prepares their IT infrastructure for the future. This project clearly demonstrates how strategic collaboration and technological innovation can have a significant impact on operational efficiency and market competitiveness.”

Pablo Gil · Account Manager at Altia

“Faced with such a critical decision as the migration of a corporate data centre, it is vital to have a reliable, experienced partner who can support you throughout the planning, migration and evaluation process. In this sense, our relationship with Altia has been very professional, ongoing and very close. The migration has been a success, having had no impact on users or on our operational core providing business system support, and has allowed us to secure our infrastructure, network perimeter, and to have advanced high-availability services. I would also highlight an important point for our company: we have managed to optimise resources and sustain our costs.”

Juan Carlos Suárez · CIO of Nortempo Group

Juan Carlos Suárez

El proyecto implantado ha solucionado los desafíos inmediatos de Nortempo y sentado las bases para un futuro de innovación continua, seguridad mejorada y crecimiento sostenible, posicionándose para adaptarse con agilidad a las demandas del mercado y las necesidades de sus clientes.