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Janire García, Bilbao office

1. Why did you choose Altia to do your internship?
Today we live in a world where technological advances are becoming faster and it is important to adapt to reality. Altia caught my attention because I believe that it is a company that looks to the future and that is inserted in a sector that is constantly evolving and developing. 

2. How were your first days?
Coming from a completely legal environment surrounded by laws to a computing environment in which day-to-day programming was a very big leap. However, I consider myself a person who adapts well to changes, and the relationship with my colleagues was very good from the beginning. 

3. What was your experience in the AltiaDigitalHub program?
Although it is true that like everyone else, when you start an internship in a company many times you tend to think that we are more a burden than a support, from the first moment they made me feel like another member of the team and valued at all times my work.  
I started on a very large project even though my experience was mainly in small business projects, but I adapted well and I am very happy with how they have trained me. Also, I learn more if they demand more of me and it is something I appreciated.

4. Did you imagine it would be like this?
I believe that the good or bad experiences of any type of internship depend on the importance that the company gives to the mere fact that you learn. Of course I consider myself very lucky, because we have a team in which we help each other improve and I feel that they value my work and strive to teach me.

5. What do you think you have evolved into?
I have learned to be more autonomous, to develop more in public, to strengthen the concept of teamwork and to be (even more) organized.

6. If you had to define your experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Learning, companionship and evolution.