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Joel Romero, Alicante office

1. Why did you choose Altia to do your internship?
I was looking for an internship with development and there was a very interesting offer at Altia. I opted for Altia because when doing the interview I met some very nice people and the company gave me a good impression.

2. How were your first days?
The first few days I was super nervous. I started with a new project where it was just me and the manager, but the other team mates immediately integrated me into the company.

3. What was your experience in the AltiaDigitalHub program?
Overall my experience went very well, I think I have learned a lot. I think what I liked best were the LinkUp formations because they allowed me to learn about different areas and technologies. 

4. Did you imagine it would be like this?
I didn't imagine it this way. At first I was afraid it would be very serious, but quite the opposite; they were very kind, nice and friendly to me.

5. What do you think you have evolved into?
During the internship I have been with development and systems tasks. I have evolved mainly in the systems area, because, although I have seen both sides, systems was the one I knew the least about.  I learned a lot of new things and was exposed to technologies that are not taught at the university. 

6. If you had to define your experience in 3 words, what would they be?
Learning, interesting and enjoyable.