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Security challenges in Docker

  • docker

After several security incidents reported throughout 2019, the evolution of Docker technology is oriented to take advantage of all the available functionality offered by the new versions of Linux Kernel 5.0 and especially those that improve security aspects.


Documentary management, after paper

  • gestion documental
Most companies have been, or are, immersed in Digital Transformation processes, with the aim of digitizing and automating their business processes, as well as implementing paperless solutions

The growing power of data

  • Datos importantes para tu negocio

Companies use their knowledge to generate highly useful information for business development and innovation momentum. The germ of this knowledge is in the data, with an immense potential yet to be explored and exploited.


Superpowers, the last great challenge of technology

  • superpoderes último gran reto de la tecnología

Some superpowers that we have so far only seen in fiction such as telekinesis, metamorphosis or photographic memory could be reproduced by technology within a period of less than a decade, thanks to the combination of intelligence techniques artificial with emotion analysis tools.

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