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Vision and challenge

Digital transformation of the public sector, a priority
marina.reguera | 25 March

Alberto Loureiro, attended as speaker on March 18 the virtual meeting called "ICT Priorities of AAPP in Madrid".

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Four finalists compete for the award of the II Altia Premia TFG ETSE
marina.reguera | 23 March

Four TFGs eligible for the first reward have been selected this week.

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Altia, again successfully evaluated at Level 3 of CMMI
marina.reguera | 22 March

Altia, successfully evaluated at Level 3 Of Capacity Maturity Model Integration.

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European Funds Forum
The technological keys to attracting European funds
marina.reguera | 16 March

Discover the keys to the First Industrial Forum of European Recovery Funds.

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Towards secure digitization
Towards secure digitization
marina.reguera | 01 March

COVID-19 has broken into the way we work and this sudden change in scenery has led to significant security breaches.

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We renewed on Turistec's executive committee
We renewed on Turistec's executive committee
marina.reguera | 23 February

We renew our presence in the executive committee of Turistec.

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