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New developments are needed to face new threats and the changing world of cybersecurity, for which Altia, through Noesis, offers solutions.

The landscape of security threats has changed and increased in recent months. In addition to incidents related to data protection breaches and the exponential increase in general security incidents and, in particular, phishing, due to the health crisis, an ongoing changing scenario is added in which highly customized attacks with Artificial Intelligence complicate the control of old systems.

The figures speak for themselves and, data protection incidents, which since the GDPR entered into force in May 2018 have already reached 160,000 in the 31 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), according to DLA Piper GDPR Data Breach Survey, there is an exponential increase in security incidents recorded in the last year; and especially during the health crisis, where there has been a large increase in security incidents in general and phishing in particular.

Now, the main threats today are not only related to data breaches and defaced websites, but there are new attacks created with Artificial Intelligence that are highly customized, as well as M2M attacks for which new security solutions must be found.

Old approaches and security systems are being overwhelmed by this reality, being based on patterns and signatures and are being slow to adapt to these new threats. These systems are also composed of a number of complex tools in which configuration errors can be fatal to security, and are based on the detection of malicious actions and behaviors.

New developments to address threats

In order to face these new threats and the changing world of cybersecurity, new developments are therefore needed, for which Altia, through Noesis, offers solutions.

Noesis, which has been working as a Darktrace partner since 2017 and has achieved Platinum Partner status in 2019, already has a history of successful implementations in the main Portuguese entities within the public sector, defense, telecommunications, transport and medical care, including the Portuguese Government Ministry and the PTG Armed Forces.

With Darktrace, Altia and Noesis we offer managed security services to operate in the changing day-to-day and investigate the threats discovered in the implementation, thanks to a highly qualified team of cyber security analysts who adjust the models in detail and are up to date with the investigation of the threats detected by Darktrace.

The solution, which can be quickly implemented in the business environment in less than an hour, provides an analysis of what has been found and how it was found, and offers a weekly report of the threats detected. With this system the customer has the advantage of testing the technology on their own network, has visibility into the real-time behavior of the network, users and devices and has the possibility to understand and work first hand with a simple and powerful technology.

It would be surprising that even in customers with a lot of resources dedicated to security and complete security solutions in place, we found threats that were going unnoticed.

Threats are growing every day and evolving rapidly, so old systems have become outdated. It is time to rethink new security strategies and, to do so, having a good technology partner facilitates the process and keeps us permanently updated.

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