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A global commitment

Dedication, people, passion

We are dedicated to improve continuously and exponentially by our employees, clients and environment.

Furthermore, we are aware of a positive impact requirement that will contribute the development, transformation y enhancement of our world.

Memory’s sustainability

The Altia’s memory sustainability, was elaborated following the advice of the G4 Guide from the Global Reporting Initiative, it is responding to our agreement through the transparency of the management and the processing of the information.

Get to know the most relevant subjects in terms of sustainability and the commitment with our clients and the society in general.

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Our commitment to suppliers

In the relationship with our suppliers we have acquired a series of commitments that guarantee standards of Quality, Environment and the Security of our company. Commitments established for their selection, monitoring and evaluation.

If at any time during this process an incident occurs, it will be communicated and taken into account for the approval as a supplier.