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Commiments against the discrimination

A global commitment

Commitment from Altia in the defense of the dignity of persons and against any type of discrimination at work

Altia Consultores, S.A., makes public its commitment to advance the development of a supportive framework of labour relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment and facilitating communication within their teams. The development of a positive climate and working environment in which human rights and the dignity of all persons are respected, as well as a clear and decisive attitude by Altia, sexual harassment will not be tolerated, sexual and gender-based harassment they are, in addition to an ethical imperative, and such elements will not be tolorated to guarantee the growth, sustainability, competitiveness and profitability.

As a guarantee of compliance with this commitment, with the participation and collaboration of staff representation, a Protocol for the Prevention and Treatment of Work, and Sexual Harassment is being prepared, which will constitute a fundamental pillar in the functioning of labor relations in Altia and culminates the commitments contained in both the Plan for Equality and the Ethical Code of the company.

In accordance with that commitment, Altia declares:

  • That it rejects any form of violence, physical, sexual, psychological or moral harassment, abuse of authority at work and any other behaviour that generates an intimidating or offensive environment for the personal rights of its professionals, regardless of who is the victim and who the harasser.
  • The workers of Altia have the right to an adequate work environment, free of intimidation and are guaranteed the support and help of the Company in situations of possible harassment, through appropriate disciplinary measures and those of a corrective nature to avoid that this situation should be repeated.
  • Workers of Altia can be assured that reports of this type of misconduct will be processed in the shortest time possible, observing a strict respect for privacy, confidentiality, objectivity and neutrality, all of which will be expressly guaranteed in the Protocol.
  • In Altia any behaviour or act of harassment is expressly forbidden, being considered a very serious professional misconduct work.

In accordance with the principles set forth, Altia is committed to establishing the following measures of prevention and action against labour, sexual and gender-based harassment:

  • Preparation of a Prevention Protocol for workplace, sexual and gender-based harassment.
  • Preparation and dissemination, among the staff, of an information document in the field of prevention of harassment.
  • Integrate the information document into the Welcome Plan.
  • Perform a periodic follow-up of the complaints received by the Monitoring Commission of the Equality Plan.
  • Train the members of the Monitoring Commission of the Equality Plan, both in terms of harassment and in the procedures included in this Protocol.
  • Create a code of conduct on labour, sexual and gender-based harassment and provide training in order to identify these situations and know how to act in each case.

In Oleiros on the 20th March 2018. Constantino Fernández Pico. President