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Vision and challenge

Grupo Piñero
The app to enhance the user experience of Bahía Príncipe
altiacompany | 02 August

Its primary purpose is to enhance the user experience by enabling contactless access.

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Altia will increase its net profit by 50% in just two years
andrea.alvarez | 21 July

Altia presents today its Business Plan for 2021 and 2022, which represents an increase in its net profit of 50%.

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Internet and portals, under the umbrella of AI and hyperpersonalization
andrea.alvarez | 15 June

The Internet is far from its initial approach as a means of consultation, it has become an extension of brands that, in the middle of the digital age, enjoy the ability to be 24 X 7 available to their customers.

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MyInvestor relies on technology to undertake its growth
marina.reguera | 19 April

Myinvestor relies on technology

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Publication of the Sustainability Report 2020
marina.reguera | 19 April

Altia has published the Sustainability Report 2020 once approved by the Board of Directors.

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