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It's been almost a year since we took our PCs, screens, keyboards, company mobiles and everything we needed (even chairs!) to go from working in offices to working from our homes.

Each of us who is part of Altia has adapted to a new dynamic of work that allows us to maintain our safety and health while continuing to learn and evolve in impact technological projects.

Our commitment to people who were doing their curricular and extracurricular practices through the #AltiaDigitalHub program, or who were about to start, as well as with trainingcentres, was also maintained under this premise. The experience, after all these months, has exceeded all expectations.

How do we do that?

#AltiaDigitalHub is the first contact with the world of work for many people who put all their enthusiasm and desire to specialize in the IT sector, and in the same way we focus it: the involvement and constant support of the whole team makes all the difference.

We start with a virtual welcome in which our beginners meet the person who will tutor you, the selection team, those who are part of the project, Altia inside and the communication routes that we use daily. Gradually, team integration, knowledge of the project and the technologies used and evolution in tasks is growing. The learning curve is exponential!

To achieve this, we follow up and support constantly, and also various activities that help to learn more about the Altia culture: meetings with beginners from other cities, projects underway at national and international level, 360o technical sessions (LinkUp to Altia) that expand the possibilities of growth...

Thus, with attitude and energy, we cross the screens, and we get the experience to be a real immersion in the professional world that will allow you to boost your professional career.

The new calls are already very close!

Want to know more about #AltiaDigitalHub?

Write to us at  and we will contact you to solve all your doubts.

Iris Vázquez, IT Recruiter