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In October, on Mental Health Day, we announced a series of talks for the team’s well-being.

At Altia, we wanted to close the last quarter of the year by focusing even more on the people who are part of our team with a series of talks aimed at generating new experiences to improve personal well-being.

From self-knowledge to stress management and productivity, we had the opportunity to hear three professionals who gave us guidelines and tips to improve our personal and professional development.

From Self-Knowledge to Top Contributor

In the first talk, ‘From Self-Knowledge to Top Contributor’, we were joined by Emma Giner, Director of Human Resources and Operations with more than 20 years of experience in team development in multicultural environments. She took us on a journey through the different organisational models that companies have followed, analysing aspects like leadership, strategy and operability. Self-knowledge is key to becoming the top contributor of the organisation, facilitating the change towards a sustainable and healthy organisation that is committed to its teams.

Stress & distress management

The second talk, on stress management, was given by Aïnhoa Mallo, Director at Nordés Club Empresarial with more than 30 years of experience in foreign trade, leadership and management of multicultural teams. We addressed some key aspects for stress management from a practical perspective, presenting tools to transform stress into an engine of change.

Emotional and Personal time management

To close the year, we spoke about Emotional and Personal time management with José Mª Villarmea, a trainer and consultant specialised in helping companies and professionals to enhance personal productivity. He taught us how our brain works in order to achieve greater emotional well-being, be more effective in managing our time and acquire a series of positive principles and habits to improve personal management, increase perceived control and reduce stress.

With this action we continue to get involved in initiatives to improve the overall health of all the people who are part of Altia, adding this to other well-established actions such as digital disconnection, work-life balance programmes or our equality plans. Throughout 2023, we will remain committed to our work and creating actions that put people first, as our engine, to keep growing together