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Sign your school up before January 31

In companies and society more broadly, there is currently a trend towards increasing demand for professionals who have the training and skills to respond to new challenges. 

In the technology sector, this means there will be a need for individuals with STEM education – people with skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths. New STEM degrees related to data processing (Big Data), virtual reality and augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence, among others, are emerging.

Against this backdrop, Altia has launched GenTech to promote the attractiveness of these career paths and to show students the various employment opportunities they bring. Through this initiative, this year in its fourth edition, high school students from different schools in Galicia (a region in the northwest of Spain) will be able to learn about the employment opportunities available for highly demanded professions in the labour market of today and tomorrow.

At GenTech, we have created a space to have conversations with ICT professionals who talk about their first-hand experience from a real, practical and inspiring perspective with the aim of awakening the ‘technology gene’.

To learn more about STEM careers, why they are known as the ‘professions of the future’ and what their benefits are, sign your school up to GenTech before 31 January 2023.