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Our ESG commitment

Altia’s culture is defined by open, transparent and direct communication  with all our stakeholders.

Our ESG approach emphasises the ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, concern for people’s well-being and the importance of sound corporate governance in our business and decision-making.

Agenda 2030

Our contribution to the 2030 Agenda

Innovating today. Transforming the future.

We are aware of the global challenges, which is why we are committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are working to align our strategy with the SDGs where we can have the greatest impact to create a more equitable, resilient and sustainable future for people and the planet.

Our strategy

Since 1994, we have grown and many people have joined, we have explored new areas, additional needs, new approaches and perspectives, and we have expanded the landscape in which we have a positive impact with our activity.

Technology and innovation
Technology and innovation

Technology and innovation

Future-proof solutions

We want to be an active part of an inclusive and sustainable digital future, so we are committed to areas and technologies such as artificial intelligence, the cloud, cybersecurity and green coding.

Talent and teams

Talent and Teams

People – our greatest asset

We are committed to equality, inclusion and diversity in our teams, encouraging their talent development to create a more equitable technology industry committed to human rights.

Talent and teams
Active and collaborative spirit
Active and collaborative spirit

Active and collaborative spirit

Commitment to social initiatives

We combine talent and solidarity to achieve positive social impact. We promote initiatives focused on fostering STEM learning from early ages and supporting social entities.

Integrity and transparency

Integrity and transparency

Trust and leadership as a guide to good governance

We have developed strong management and leadership structures with transparency, rigour, ethics and integrity.

Integrity and transparency

Partnerships and awards

News that inspires us

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