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Cybersecurity Solutions

Strong confidence, secure growth.

Intelligence, security and trust

Wherever your business is, you need maximum security. Stay ahead of threats by applying an active, sector-specific strategy. Discover our Global Approach - full life cycle solutions for your clients’ data and operational security:

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

RecuperarResilience and restorage of any capacity or service that has been deteriorated..

IdentificarComprehension of the business context, resources that support critical functions, and risks..

ProtegerImplementation of appropriate security measures to ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure services.

DetectarIdentify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event and allow their timely discovery.

ResponderDevelop the ability to contain the impact of a potential incident.

360º Approach

We respond to digital hyper-acceleration through three connected areas:


Security services


Regulatory compliance


Solutions and infrastructures

Altia | CSIRT

Early detection, immediate action

Our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is a benchmark in the cyber security industry. We are devoted to preventing, detecting, analysing, containing, responding to and reporting incidents since 2021 for the organisations that rely on us as their Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

Our highly-qualified team of experts is organised into different levels of customer care, which allows us to efficiently address the security management, administration and analysis tasks of each of our clients.

Our focus on excellence and our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each organisation is what makes us a trusted and effective partner in protecting our clients' infrastructure and sensitive data from cyber threats.

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