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Dinámica de lego para entrevista
Is this an interview?
ana.sancheztembleque | 06 February

We started the week boldly, with the intention of varying the traditional model of interview with a Lego dynamic.Our guinea pigs were the students of the

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Noelia nos cuenta su experiencia de prácticas AltiaDigitalHub
We talked to AltiaDigitalHub: Noelia Sánchez Cea
ana.sancheztembleque | 29 January

1.- Why did you choose Altia for your internship?Where I studied the FP, the companies were assigned by the tutors. I didn't choose because it was assigned

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I Altia Premia
Exhibitions of the TFG of the First Altia ETSE USC AWARD
ana.sancheztembleque | 24 January

The five finalists of the I #AltiaPremia TFG of the ETSE Universidade de Santiago de Compostela have made their presentations to the jury composed by

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Guillermo nos cuenta su experiencia de prácticas AltiaDigitalHub
We talk to AltiaDigitalHub : Guillermo Martín Villar
ana.sancheztembleque | 21 January

1.-Why did you choose Altia for your internship?Because it was the only company that clearly stated that there were possibilities of incorporation. 2.-

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Feria de empresas de ingeniería
XII Forum of Computer Companies in the ETSE
ana.sancheztembleque | 10 January

Choosing an internships is always a difficult decision, so the Higher Technical School of Engineering (ETSE) of Santiago hosted, once again, the XII Forum of

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altia forma a sus empleados en MicroStrategy
Training in Business Intelligence, key to talent retention
altiacompany | 03 December

Training is not something that should stop once a professional finish his degree and entering the labor market, but it is something that should be encouraged

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