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To meet the need to adapt to the latest strategic trends, growth and talent retention, Altia has planned two training sessions at MicroStrategy that will take place before the end of this year 2019 and that will train a total of 21 People.

Training is not something that should stop once a professional finish his degree and entering the labor market, but it is something that should be encouraged and cultivated, as far as possible throughout the entire career.

Formación en Microstrategy en Altia

For workers, it means that they can develop high-training activities and this will have an impact on better wages and greater job opportunities. For companies it involves the generation of internal talent, which can lead them to be more competitive and try to lead their market. The business environment, especially that of the technology sector, is constantly evolving (new equipment, work methodologies, software updates, tools, etc.) That is why, in order to adapt to new needs, you need to have teams of well-trained, up-to-date and qualified professionals.

The latest trends in business strategy are the inclusion of business intelligence software (Business Intelligence). BI enables companies to collect, centrally, a series of data concerning the development of your business (customer data, invoices, stock purchases, statistics ...). In addition, it allows to convert this information into data that can be viewed in a friendly way in a dashboard, using simple graphs, pleasant typography, colors and figures that allow a better analysis. This type of software also makes it possible to make inferences by crossing data to analyze trends, customer behaviors and perform simulations, all to improve the efficiency of the business.

To meet these needs adaptation, growth and retention of talent, Altia have planned two training sessions on MicroStrategy to take place before the end of this year 2019 and will form a total of 21 people.

¿What is MicroStrategy?

MicroStrategy is one of the market-leading Business Intelligence platforms. A Business Intelligence tool that combines traditional business intelligence with next-generation analytics, mobility, and cloud technology, enabling companies to develop and deploy transformation applications that maximize the value of information and accelerate business.

The main objective of this training is to train through a process that certifies our professionals as specialists in:

  • Creating analytical applications.
  • Create mobile applications for businesses using MicroStrategy tools.
  • Address the basics of business mobility.
  • Create and deploy an entire enterprise security network to protect a company's processes, users, and assets.
  • Import and refine data to create interactive and visually striking data representations (visualizations).

All this in a practical way, in order to ensure that the trainees, at the end of the training, have the MCSA certification of MicroStrategy (MicroStrategy Certified Specialist Certification Analyst).