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We are in the week in which 20% of the purchases of the whole year take place. Black Friday and Cyber Monday attract millions of shoppers and this causes the demand for cloud services and infrastructure to triple.

We are in the week when 20% of purchases are produced all year; Offers and discounts from online retailers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday attract millions of buyers who, with a single click, have the most anticipated items at their fingertips. But what is behind one of the most consuming days of the year technologically speaking? From Altia, we have detected that the demand for cloud services and infrastructure triples during such important purchasing dates.

Sube la demanda de servicios Cloud

Clients have had to outsource services at this time because they have an online trading process and in campaigns such as these, the demand for services and infrastructure is three times higher than normal. This outsourcing is necessary because they need a scalable architecture infrastructure with the use of complex technology systems.

Online retailers are usually created with a stacked and non-scalable technology infrastructure horizontally, so technology companies help make the business at these peak sales, multiplying threefold and, in some cases up to four times due to the infrastructure needs, depending on the demand of these days.

Medium-sized company in the textile sector, the type of enterprise with the highest demand

The companies in highest demand for infrastructure these days are retail, in particular, the textile sector and those specialized in clothing and shoes, while the size of companies that require these services are mostly medium-sized enterprises. Small business, however, are still adopting such technologies and do not have it internalized as a process, but medium-sized enterprises have already seen that cloud computing is a clear opportunity and that technology as a service is a process that tends to Consolidate.

The reasons for this consolidation and demand for a public cloud are due to three main reasons:

  • Companies prefer to devote the company's core resources to business transformation rather than infrastructure
  • In terms of security: It is more convenient and provides more guarantees to delegate security to third-party data centers rather than strengthening your own security in a data center or your own server.
  • In these high-demand situations, sales and traffic spikes occur (as is the case of black Friday). Facing more online demand requires increasing the storage and processing capacity of online retailers so that the user can successfully close their transaction.

In order to meet this demand, Altia provides to their clientomers a greater number of level two technicians that allow to offer greater availability and a reinforced service to their client in case of incidents.

Ramón Costa, Director of Managed Services.