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Some superpowers that so far we have only seen in fiction such as telekinesis, metamorphosis or photographic memory could be reproduced by technology in less than a decade, thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence techniques with emotion analysis tools.

Metamorphosis, telekinesis or photographic memory .... are sensational superpowers very popular in fiction. Batman, Superman, Spiderman or Thor have occupied, over the years, pages and pages of comics and filled screens with their supernatural adventures and abilities, awakening the admiration and fantasy of children and adults.

Superpoderes último gran reto tecnológico

According to Gartner's 2019 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies study, these superpowers could be reproduced by technology within a decade.

The report, which identifies up to 29 major technological trends, states that combined artificial intelligence techniques with emotion analysis tools, machines will acquire superhuman capabilities, which have so far have only been materialized in fiction.

One of the applications of this new intelligence would be, for example, the detection of fraud in the insurance sector. Thanks to the analysis of the voice, it will be possible to capture the mood of the individual when communicating a incident and interpret if he is angry, overwhelmed, and even if he is telling the truth.

In parallel, the development of prosthetic arms that exceed the strength of the human arm or robotic skin as sensitive to touch as human skin itself.

All these developments have led Gartner to recommend the CIOs of companies that are going to experiment over the next year with these emerging technologies, preparing for momrnt when they will be available, within five or 10 years, know them and integrate them in their businesses in order to increase their competitiveness.

Other major disruptions

Another trend that undoubtedly will become part of the top ten technologies more demanded for the next decade will be with sensors and motion detection systems. The work indicates that the power of AI combined with sensors will multiply the connection of objects (IoT) in all areas, facilitating, for example, the emergence of unmanned cargo aircraft.

In less than 10 years, we will also be able to see the generalization of digital ecosystems or web connections between people, companies and things that share the same digital platform. Its objective: to achieve smoother and more dynamic connections in all geographies and industries.

As we can see, the future is almost here. Make yourself comfortable to move onto the next screen!