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We have developed a certified integration that allows reading of QuoHotel data and will drive the digital transformation of Quonext customers through the development of projects such as booking automation in the hotel management system (PMS), digital check-in or presence control using NFC wristbands.


A collaboration agreement has been reached with Quonext for the certified integration of our systems with the QuoHotel hotel management system (PMS), so that hotel establishments can offer their customers additional services that add value to the tourist experience.

This initiative means better control and management of all bookings generated directly from QuoHotel, with benefits such as automatic integration of tour operators reservations a complementary way to the integration of other channels through a Channel Manager. In addition, all booking communication is stored in QuoHotel, regardless of its origin. In this way, hotels will achieve an automation of almost 100% of the input of reservations generated by other systems.

QuoHotel is a hotel management software that incorporates all the tools that the hotel sector needs. Thus it integrates a PMS for day-to-day management, an ERP for finance, a CRM for customer acquisition and retention, and other tools such as BI (Business Intelligence), additional service management, POS and marketing. In the midst of the digital era, the transformation strategy of the hotel sector encourages the use of tools that, like QuoHotel, make it easier for establishments to streamline and optimize their internal processes, in order to offer their customers a better experience throughout their stay.

“The ability to support QuoHotel customers in their digital transformation process allows us to help meet basic needs such as process optimization and documentation digitization.”. Sergio González, Altia project manager.

“Thanks to this collaboration with Altia we are able to bring more value to QuoHotel users, and to have a more attractive product for our potential customers”. Sebastià Vidal, Development manager de Quonext Turismo.

With this project, we seek to increase the efficiency of the hotel operation by implementing a management system that, developed on ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV, streamlines operations in a simple and secure way, while moving towards a solution comprehensive hotel management.