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The Internet of Things is a term that despite its short existence, has great significance today.

IoT is the concept of interconnecting a product with others around it; basically have the connectivity of different computers in a single network. The purpose is that these devices communicate with each other getting smarter and more autonomous. The IoT allows computers and other equipment to interact with different elements in order to work.

Although it is not 100% developed, the question asked by the market and the technology sector is clear, what impact will this have on the industry? Here are some of the expected benefits of using this technology:

  • Effective productivity: The advantage of having all kinds of devices connected under one network makes communication between them fast and efficient. In addition, the IoT helps to make “dead” time efficient, since they do not need human interventions and because of their way of learning the margin of error is reduced.
  • Proactivity of data: These devices collect data and transmit them to a central database, which allows them great autonomy , this gives us the opportunity to concentrate on those tasks that have value and importance. In addition, the cost is reduced and productivity is maximized , since there is no need to invest resources and time on routine tasks.
  • Deep metrics: For the connectivity of all devices, the IoT can understand where and when a failure occurred in a device or document from the root of the problem. These interconnected devices work between them, but this technology will allow us to individually track how they work , working together or by themselves.
  • Improve user experience: Since the IoT will allow to know customers better through data and its analysis , the ability to communicate in real time with them based on their location, time and / or other factors will allow us to interact in a quicker and more efficient way, unlike what happens with other traditional marketing techniques. Sensors play a big role in this context, as they will be responsible for sending alerts and executing the appropriate action.

Security in this environment is an issue that requires a debate; on the one hand, there is the issue of the security of data and information of users, an aspect that must be guaranteed by companies and keeping in mind the user's consent at all times. On the other hand, it is important to avoid attacks on these devices and IoT sensors so that the security of the users is not affected. Companies need to protect the information contained in the network to prevent misuse of the network.

With these aspects resolved, IoT advances will be a progressive reality in our lives and its advantages will be more than evident when it is executed and implemented.