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The Smart Hotel concept that is characterized by interconnected applications, devices, sensors and services

Today, we are facing the concept of the Smart Hotel, which is characterized for having all its applications, devices, sensors and services interconnected. This coupled with the knowledge we have acquired from people’s data, not only can we increase the efficiency of the resort but also their customer satisfaction with its consequent loyalty.

Smart Hotel

New technologies, new services

Thanks to technologies such as Big Data , IoT, Artificial Intelligence or digitalization, hotels are able to offer new services and personalization that transform the way in which customers enjoy their stay. Little by little and without realizing it, we are naturally accepting a series of advantages that until recently were unthinkable.

Control through the voice of a room, surround audiovisual systems, payment wristbands that can be used in different establishments of a tourist resort ... are just some examples of how technology is redefining the customer experience in the hotel and how the Digitization makes it possible to simplify processes and improve the lives of customers.

For example, biometric systems allow optimizing processes such as check-in and avoiding queues by accelerating the process of entering and registering guests. On the other hand, thanks to geo-positioning, the hotel offers guests the possibility of being guided along its facilities and up to their room, along with different services (entertainment, restaurants, etc.), meeting points for tours, events, entertainment, etc, In this way, you are taking full advantage of the services that are made available to the clients at the resort.

Customer satisfaction and cost reduction

These cases not only improve customer satisfaction but also are associated with some advantages in terms of cost reduction at the hotel. In this sense, the automation of processes together with the digitization of document management such as: reserves, transfers, expenses, invoices, invoicing, etc ... are a clear improvement in terms of economic efficiency and savings in costs and time.

From Altia We promote this concept of Smart hotel developing innovative solutions that allow, on the one hand, an efficient management of the business and, on the other hand, the improvement of the Hotel's image towards the clients, their satisfaction and, finally, their loyalty. Resorts such as Iberostar , Grupo Piñero, Bahía Príncipe and Barceló are clear examples of our capabilities for developing and implementing Smart projects in the hotel sector.

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