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Coruña Smart City

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: A Coruña Townhall

Solution: Smart City


Altia has been a fundamental piece on the UTE that has implemented and deployed the Coruña Smart City Platform, an ambitious set of horizontal solutions to the capture, integration, analysis and visualization of information from heterogeneous sources.

A project that is eminently technological but transversal and transforming the entire A Coruña townhall organization, so it has positioned as a smart city at a European level.

10 Million € invested

More than 10 vertical projects supported by the platform.

3.000 users

Corporate SSO registered profiles implemented.

50 data sets

Published in Open data portal.


  • Implement a platform to structure the entire Smart strategy of the Townhall.
  • Corporate SSO for municipal staff and external users, common to the entire Smart environment.
  • Sensor interconnection platform to abstract data capture and integration.
  • Interoperability platform based on system integrations.
  • To have tools for the visualization and analysis of georeferenced dynamic information from multiple sources.
  • OpenData to centralize the data of interest to the citizen.
  • Public Smart Portal to summarize the project values and an internal portal to display dynamic web dashboards.