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Coruña Smart Port

Applied innovation and transformation

Client: A Coruña port authority

Solution: Smart Port

Altia collaborates with APAC for the continuous improvement of port processes and services, transforming and integrating its management systems to promote it as an intelligent port of reference at a national level.

This project is based on the integration of different systems on a single platform.

Main seaport

The greatest industrial seaport of the Iberian Peninsula Norwest.

Efficiency and digitization

An innovative and key project.

An smooth seaport

A port community collaborating efficiently.


  • To promote the economic development.
  • Sustainable growth.
  • To build a social network in which all the port agents can collaborate quickly and efficiently.
  • Digitize the main processes by integrating them into dynamic workflows.
  • To monitor and control the main elements for the security and management of the port facilities.
  • To have agile mechanisms to receive the appropriate notifications at all times/places from the different agents that collaborate in the port.