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If there is one trend that stands out above all others in 2023, it is artificial intelligence. We spoke to Carlos Arias, project manager, about ethics and trust in AI.

Without any doubt, we could say that 2023 has been the year of democratisation of artificial intelligence, with the emergence of multiple tools that have brought AI to the forefront of public attention.

What is more, the use of artificial intelligence has permeated all areas, generating diagnostic, analysis and even decision-making tools that can be applied to any company. 
But how reliable is it?

The big challenge today is to develop responsible and trustworthy AI that learns correctly from the input data.  Responsible AI development must take efficiency, empathy, diversity, equality and safety into account when implemented. 


These technologies allow us to organise and process data to optimise processes and improve quality, reducing time on tasks by up to 50%. They bring significant productivity gains in a variety of sectors, from marketing to medicine, finance to healthcare and autonomous driving. AI is set to have a profound impact on almost every aspect of our lives, transforming our society and our way of life in astonishing ways.

It is essential that developers actively work to create responsible and trustworthy AI. Moreover, organisations and regulators must establish strong ethical standards to ensure transparency in their development and use. 

Carlos Arias

Carlos Arias

Project Manager