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Virtual reality on its own is no longer the latest trend – now we can go much further. We spoke to Gonzalo Fernández, account manager, about extended reality. 

Virtual reality is a simulated environment of real-looking scenes and objects generated by technology. The user feels like they are immersed in it, usually using a specific headset. But this environment provides many other possibilities. These terms sometimes cause confusion.

In augmented reality, we include objects, images or the like appearing within our real environment. Another example is the metaverse: a virtual world to which we connect using a series of devices that allow us to interact with it. It’s an alternative reality in which we will be able to do the same things we do today outside the home. 

These three concepts – virtual reality, metaverse and augmented reality – come together in extended reality. Extended reality (XR) refers to the combination of all real and virtual environments, as well as interactions with computers or wearables. 


 All this will allow us, over the coming years, to exponentially improve services to citizens. Replicating physical spaces in virtual environments will be left behind in favour of improving reality to find optimal ways to provide solutions to companies and citizens.

Our goal: extending reality to improve our lives.

Extended Reality
Gonzalo Fernández

Gonzalo Fernández

Account manager