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Information is power – and so is monitoring. We spoke to Iago Rodríguez-Quintana, manager of Altia Control Tower®, about the importance of traceability.

The last few years have really put logistics chains to the test, having to deal with unusual situations like a pandemic, stock-outs, fuel inflation and the war in Ukraine. They have had to become more flexible to adapt to these new scenarios. 

This flexibility requires increased monitoring and control of information, with system integration operations, document management, business process management, etc., becoming as automated as possible. This way, traceability is managed in a sustainable and profitable manner, always aiming to offer the end customer a service of the highest quality and value.

The demand for electronic document management has been increasing. But with the European eFTI regulations, the increasing adoption of eCMR and EU funding for digitalisation and sustainability, the moment of truth seems to be coming now.

Iago Rodriguez

Iago Rodríguez

Manager of Altia Control Tower ®