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The neobank places the implementation of the highest security and quality standards at the center of its architecture.

MyInvestor, the neobank expert in investment, has chosen us to redesign its IT strategy and lay the foundations for solid growth by applying the highest standards of security and quality.

The digital bank participated by Andbank  España, El Corte Inglés Seguros, AXA España and several family offices have selected us for our extensive experience in the financial sector , with more than 100 professionals working for the main financial entities and institutions in the country. During the last 20 years from Altia, we have contributed significantly to the technological advancement of entities such as Banco de España, Cecabank, Grupo Santander and Abanca, among others.

Likewise, we have extensive experience in public sector clients (including European Union bodies such as EUIPO and EPO), and in leading companies at national and international level in their respective sectors of activity (INDITEX, IBEROSTAR, FCC, 3M, VODAFONE,...).

Unai Beato,Chief Data Officer of MyInvestor, points out that “Altia has been selected for the excellence of its service” and assures that “together with them we will lay the foundations for solid growth, preparing the entire technical structure for the launch of new products and services in a 100% digital environment, adapted to the needs of customers.”

Alberto Loureiro,Director in charge of Altia's Madrid office, points out that “on this MyInvestor project is clearly committed to technology as a cross-cutting axis of the bank, establishing transparency, security and innovation as basic pillars, all of which are key to position the entity at the forefront of the financial sector in our country”.