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With the objective of helping its clients transform their business and innovate, Altia joins forces in its Low Code area.

Altia is part of the OutSystems Partner Program, through Noesis, an Altia Company, after incorporating into its portfolio the solutions of the division of Noesis Low Code/OutSystems, an international Portuguese company incorporated into the group earlier this year. With this decision, Altia seeks to help companies transform and approach the virtuous circle of innovation, developing application software through graphical user interfaces, and doing so in record time and at low cost.

The agreement enhances the Low Code area of Altia which, from now on, will face the development of projects on the Low Code platform of OutSystems, which allows planning, developing, changing, deploying and managing enterprise applications.In this way it will be possible to visually develop applications, integrate them with existing systems and add code from the user's company, if deemed necessary.

The signing of this agreement has been possible because Noesis, a company acquired by Altia in 2019, has been working with OutSystems for 12 years. In fact, this company has awarded Noesis 13 Innovation Awards(Best Projects of the Year) and has received 3 Partner of the Year Awards(in 2016, 2017 and 2019).

The Noesis team, an Altia Company, for the Low Code area consists of more than 150 consultants and covers more than 240 certifications, positioning it as one of the most expert teams in the community of OutSystems.

Until now, this team has developed projects in all sectors from Manufacturing to Insurance through Financial Services, Retail, Transport and Logistics, Energy and Public Services, and Health and Government. Among these clients are: EDP, Arval, Prio or Kramp.

In the period in which Noesis has participated in the development of Low Code projects, it has sponsored various events such as Next Step, the largest Low Code in the world.

Online events for companies

To make low Code's capabilities known to the market, Altia and OutSystems are hosting a number of online events:

  • “Transform your business with no limits” that, with business orientation, will be held on October 15, to disseminate among companies how OutSystems can help its modernization, with a real case of success.
  • “ JumpStart Online Workshop”, aimed at technical profiles, will be held on October 29, including demos and exercises to quickly enter Low Code development.