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We anticipate a growth rate of over 40% and 500 professionals joining us over the next two years

The Group’s 2023-2024 Business Plan estimates a growth rate above 29% in 2023 and above 10% in 2024.

Talent is one of our cornerstones. We plan to take in professionals specialising in cloud, systems development and data science, among other areas.

Today we present our 2023-2024 Business Plan, with a projected growth rate above 29% for next year compared to 2022, and above 10% in 2024. On an aggregate basis, we estimate an increase above 40% over the Plan’s two years. Along with this trend, we plan to recruit around 500 tech professionals. This will take our number to more than 3700 by the end of 2024.

Specifically, this Business Plan projects revenues of 215.6 million euros for 2023 and 237.9 million euros for 2024, both exceeding our 2022 turnover (167.2 million euros). These figures point to a profitability (EBITDA) of 10.8% in the first year and 11.1% in the second year, with a net profit of 14.6 million euros in 2023 and 17.3 million euros in 2024.

During this period, our focus will be on continuing internationalisation and growth in new and under-explored markets. This process has already started with our recent acquisitions, including Noesis in 2020, along with Bilbomática and Wairbut, acquired last summer and currently in the process of integration. Our revenue distribution in  2023 and 2024 will continue to favour Spain and the rest of Europe due to the acquisition of new businesses that are well-established in these regions.

“Stable growth, proven solvency and the intact values that Altia has held as a company since its inception show that we have a long-term vision,” said Ignacio Cabanas, Chief Financial Officer. Constantino Fernández, CEO, has said “the disruptive change taking place in activities, sectors and markets is unprecedented and its fundamental pillar is the use of technology, so this sector is expected to continue to gain relevance in the global economy, as it has been doing in recent years”.

Attracting and retaining talent  

Together with our Business Plan, we have announced the recruitment of around 500 technology professionals over the next two years. They will join the 3200 people who are part of the group of companies we currently lead. Specifically, we estimate hiring 256 people in 2023 and 236 people in 2024, in line with revenue growth.

Attracting talent is strategic for us. People are at the heart of our organisation, so we continually strive to attract the best talent to keep achieving new successes together,” says our CEO. 

Our focus is on talent. In the coming years, we will continue our efforts to make Altia a more attractive organisation for professionals in the tech industry with competitive conditions and measures focused on flexibility and achieving full work-life balance.

In 2022, 300 people joined our team, 95% of which are technology professionals. They work in the areas of cloud, architecture and software development in various technologies. Now we are looking for people in systems development, cybersecurity and data science. 

Strengthening our ESG approach

Since we published our first Sustainability Report in 2014, a sign of our commitment to sustainable growth, ESG activities have become increasingly important. Having led over 50 social actions last year and enhanced our support for the environment, the role of women in the industry and the visibility of the STEMs, we have doubled down on our commitment. 

“We know we will only remain relevant if we make a positive impact and progress togethersays Fernández.