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We spoke to Carlos Fandiño, project manager, about WiFi 7 and the changes it will bring.

The seventh generation of wireless networks is making great strides and the WiFi Alliance has already assured that the WiFi 7 protocol will be coming to our lives this year. Here are the main benefits of this new protocol.

WiFi 7 will be a step up both qualitatively and quantitatively. Among its main advantages for the general user are better support, much more stable connectivity and, above all, high speed.

In today’s fast-paced society, where everything is consumed instantly and, if possible, on video, this will undoubtedly make a big difference when it comes to playing 4K content and all forms of streaming.

Other major beneficiaries of WiFi 7 will be IoT applications (Internet of Things). This protocol could also be used to enhance virtual or augmented reality experiences, as different VR and AR apps are bursting onto the scene and becoming less and less a “thing of the future”. This would also include video-based applications requiring high bandwidth.

Carlos Fandiño

Carlos Fandiño

Project Manager