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Through our GenTech initiative, we have promoted interest in tech among more than 500 high school students from schools in Galicia and Madrid.

During March, April and May, 15 Spanish high schools in the regions of Galicia and Madrid have had talks given by Altia professionals. They have shared their personal and professional experience in the ICT sector first-hand to more than 500 students.

In this 4th edition, the schools have shown great interest in the initiative and have highly appreciated the work of the professionals who have come to give the talks. 

GenTech seeks to create a space for direct and relaxed conversation that allows students to ask questions and raise their concerns directly to Altia professionals.

“Congratulations to the speakers for their structure, friendliness and ability to be specific”.
“They have given the students a real insight into the job market of that industry”.

Source: testimonials sent by registered schools.


This way, the GenTech speakers have shared their own experiences and their perspective about science and technology, explaining what led them to pursue a STEM career. They also addressed points such as the professional opportunities of STEM careers, digital training as a tool for the future, and the need to eliminate the gender gap in the tech industry

Alberto Ayora, Daniel Turiño, David Otero, Elvira Vegas, Fermín Grandío, María del Carmen Fernandes, María Jesús Luces, Miguel Ares and Tomás González talk about their experience as part of the GenTech team:

María del Carmen Fernandes Álvarez 

“It’s very comforting to get this kind of welcome from the staff at the schools and also be able to talk to students who, against all expectations, pay attention and even call you ‘teacher’. These days have been both fast-paced and fun”.

Elvira Vegas Maganto

“GenTech has allowed me to humanise the role of the programmer holed up in their cave surrounded by black screens and green letters. It has also allowed me realise that, although technology is everywhere nowadays, there is still a lot of misinformation around it”.

Fermín Grandío

“My experience as a GenTech volunteer has been incredibly rewarding, as it’s a great opportunity to share your experience and knowledge in this field with others who are in the same situation you were once in. In my case, it was in my old high school, so the experience was doubly motivating. After the talk, a small group of students approached me to ask more questions and show interest: this made the initiative worth it for me”.

David Otero

“I love the feeling of knowing that my experience, everything I’ve lived through and learned in this life, both professionally and personally, can help young people gain some clarity and give them the motivation to continue striving and working towards their future. Then, if they choose to study ICTs... it’s double the satisfaction!”

Alberto Ayora

“Participating in GenTech has been very rewarding. Showing what is done in a company on a daily basis, trying to quash stereotypes and give young people another perspective, is a great opportunity to help them. The vast majority always participate a lot during the talk and are eager to learn more about this industry. Some teachers were even surprised at how much attention they paid”.

María Jesús Luces

“My experience promoting tech careers has been truly inspiring. From the moment I discovered my passion for technology, I knew I wanted to share that enthusiasm with others and help open the doors to a world of endless possibilities”.

Dani Turiño

“Participating in the GenTech programme has allowed me raise awareness of my industry and help guide the new generations as they head into their future”.

Miguel Ares

“It’s a wonderful experience to convey our vision and passion for technology to much younger generations. We’ve actually shown that GenTech transcends generations and genders”.

Tomás González

"GenTech allows STEM students to gain a future perspective on information technologies. Ever since I started giving talks, students have been amazed by the various options available to them and how IT fits into the field or area of knowledge they enjoy or would like to pursue professionally. We explain everything in an entertaining way, featuring video games from 40 years ago, Atari 2600 controllers and lightsabers”.

Altia in_Action would like to thank everyone who participated as technology volunteers in this and other GenTech initiatives for their time and dedication.