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The Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC) has entrusted Altia with the creation of its new corporate web portal.

The main objective of the project is to make it easier for entrepreneurs and citizens to access information adequately, in line with the spirit of the institution. To achieve this goal, Altia has offered a web portal that publishes the institutional information of the ZEC and that discloses the regulations related to its area of activity. The portal also contains a collaborative space which allows users to share documentation in an orderly and secure manner. Apart from this, it has components that will facilitate the publication of contents in social networks, notifications in the browser itself, and bulletin notifications - all of this without losing sight of the site's security and accessibility (double AA).

Phases and activities

The general scope of the project in terms of its phases and activities to be carried out for each web solution is as follows:

  • Requirements analysis: detailed analysis of the client's needs in terms of content structure, graphic design, and web portal functionalities.
  • Content structure: proposed structure/content tree for the new portal.
  • Graphic design: graphic design proposal for approval by the ZEC.
  • Portal component development and layout: with the web portal's content structure and graphic design finally defined, work is to be undertaken on the development and layout of the web and its components on the selected content management system (CMS WordPress).
  • User training: training, along with the necessary support documentation Launch: support during portal launch.

Invaluable experience

With this project, our company adds to its richness in projects of content managers, where it has considerable experience in the common tools and market solutions used from a technological standpoint.

Access the web portal: