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Altia has announced a €600,000 investment in the company Docuten

Altia has announced a €600,000 investment in the company Docuten, dedicated to promoting the complete digitalization of companies through the use of digital signatures and the issuance and receipt of electronic invoices.

The company’s client portfolio includes Omnium and Alsa, and they managed to save their clients more than 30 million euros in 2021. This investment is made together with the Vigo Custom-free Zone, which has contributed another €600,000.

The investment, totalling 1.2 million euros, increases the possibilities for expansion of this Galician business with offices in A Coruna and Madrid.

This operation serves as an endorsement of the growth strategy implemented in recent years, which has led to Docuten consolidating its position in the Spanish market as one of the leading digitization companies for medium and large customers, as well as re-doubling its strategic focus on the Portuguese market.

Innovation and growth strategy

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the digitization of our clients and the evolution of their businesses

Adding value to a project

Altia and Vigo Custom-free Zone join GoHub Ventures and Torsa Capital, who entered Docuten’s list of shareholders in December 2019. The complementary capabilities of the four actors involved bring added value and accelerate Docuten’s expansion, as well as supporting the business fabric of SMEs in the region in their innovation processes.

Thanks to this commitment, Altia continues its strategy of innovating and betting on solutions that facilitate the digitalization of our clients and the evolution of their businesses. Furthermore, it is support for a project which is in the process of expansion, and we see high growth prospects for it, following successive regulatory changes that are driving electronic signatures and invoicing ever-more forcefully.