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The Mallorca Insular Council signs an agreement with us for three years to launch a cybersecurity service based on artificial intelligence.

The Mallorca Insular Council has placed its trust in us for the implementation of a cyberdefence service based on AI (artificial intelligence), as well as the provision of security services that will be run from the Security Operations Centre (SOC). The agreement is for a total of €192,758.40 and runs for three years.

The Mallorca Insular Council already has a wide range of security solutions, but has decided to implement a next generation solution that provides the necessary capacity for prevention, defence, analysis and research against possible threats, in addition to having cybersecurity services provided by specialized personnel who monitor their security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To this end, we are providing the Mallorca Insular Council with the deployment of Darktrace, a self-learning AI (artificial intelligence) which is able to detect and respond to threats, without interfering with the normal operation of the business, as well as a solution that informs, contextualizes and conducts incident investigations in real time to take appropriate action to prevent any type of threat or vulnerability.

Maximum security 24x7x365

Darktrace detects new and previously unknown attacks, custom hacks, internal threats, new ransomware, espionage, data leaks, botnets and many others, thanks to its ability to learn the "normal" operation of any business to detect subtle anomalies, indicative of a potential cyberthreat. 
Its "autonomous response" capability takes proportionate and targeted action to stop these threats, and its Cyber AI Analyst module automates investigations and significantly reduces the time and resources required to make the right decisions.

In terms of the provision of security operations services, it includes 24x7x365 monitoring and the provision of advanced research services from our Security Operations Centre. The SOC has a highly qualified security team of cyberanalysts and expert engineers who help customers protect their businesses from threats by conducting specialized threat research, notifying and providing all information resulting from the investigation process.

“Today, cybercrime has become one of the biggest challenges for society and the economy at all levels, and so solutions like Darktrace are essential to protect organizations from threats, even unknown ones; and at high speed,” says Belén Ferreiro, Cybersecurity Development Manager at Altia. “That is why it is so important for us to have our Security Operations Centre, from which we provide coverage and analysis services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to companies and public administrations such as the Mallorca Insular Council; it has become the perfect complement to our next-generation cybersecurity solutions portfolio.” 

The Advisor to the President of the Mallorca Insular Council, Javier de Juan, has highlighted that the modernization process of the island's governing body incorporates state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the security of the network; he also highlighted the fact that protection is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Continuous learning with Darktrace

The solution is based on Darktrace technology, which detects all types of threats wherever they occur in the business, including new attacks and internal threats, and stops them before they can cause damage. Artificial intelligence learns and understands a sense of the expected behaviour of each user and device, and is able to detect the discrete signs of an attack within seconds of it occurring. 

Using unsupervised machine learning, the Enterprise Immune System does not rely on learning data or preconceived ideas of what is wrong, nor does it need minor adjustments to teach artificial intelligence what to look for. Instead, Darktrace's technology learns as it works, developing a deep understanding of your company's DNA

This means that Darktrace's technology identifies the threats that can be overlooked by traditional solutions, evolves with your organization, and never falls behind, making it an ideal solution for the requirements of the Mallorca Insular Council.
In this specific case, Darktrace is able to adapt in an evolutionary and personalized way, improving prevention, as well as response and analysis times, to address the cybersecurity challenges faced by the island's government.

“Using Darktrace's self-learning AI, we can instantly detect and stop cyberthreats autonomously anywhere, anytime,” says José Badía, Darktrace's Country Manager for Spain and Portugal. “This project is in addition to the recently initiated project for the five ports under the control of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands; it reinforces Darktrace's decisive role against cyberthreats and demonstrates Altia's commitment to cybersecurity and their team's ability to lead cyberthreat protection projects for our ports.”