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Information is power. We spoke to Santiago Varela, project manager at Altia, about the importance of big data.

Whoever is in possession of the right information and handles it in the right way has a wealth of knowledge and opportunities at their disposal.  As we generate more and more data on a daily basis, information management has become of vital importance for organisations. Given the importance of information in today’s connected world, we need to use it efficiently, making massive data processing increasingly necessary. 

Big data consists mainly of unstructured data generated by modern technologies, which usually must be combined with structured data. 


Implementing pattern search mechanisms within large amounts of data leads to agile processes, minimising problems and increasing efficiency. Furthermore, responsible use of this data contributes to improving the main areas of action of current technology (more efficient energy, better environmental management, process optimisation, etc.).

As it can be easily integrated into a company’s information management systems, big data technology allows data to be processed in an agile and cost-effective way, transforming simple disconnected information into valuable knowledge for the company. 

Santiago Varela

Santiago Varela

Project Manager