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Altia Control Tower is a collaborative network that integrates all agents involved in the chain into a single platform.

Altia Control Tower is a collaborative network that allows all transport to be managed through a single tool in an intelligent and fast way, which means a reduction of 75% in shipping costs and 90% of circulating stock , as well as improvements in efficiency of services with an increase of 100% in specific deliveries.

Altia Control tower

Integration of all logistics network agents

The Altia solution allows companies to integrate all the agents involved in the chain, both internal and external (traffic managers, warehouses, transporters, drivers, security personnel, etc.) into a single platform , and thus achieve visibility in real time of the entire logistics chain and the transport involved.

Real profits for businesses

Unifying and homogenizing the control system on a single platform provides clear benefits for companies. First, it allows drastically reduce the administrative management of your traffic management systems. Secondly, it anticipates incidents in transport, reducing downtime in warehouses and improving the profitability of the service. Finally, it facilitates business decisions, applying Business Intelligence on carriers and routes.

Altia Control Tower helps companies that want to adapt to the demands of a market that is tremendously competitive and globalized through a single network in which the different agents collaborate," notes Iago Rodriguez, head of the Altia Logistic Software unit. “Large companies in the food distribution, consumer, automotive, building materials or pharmaceutical sectors that have a large volume of goods that need to have a collaborative logistics network with the broadest integration and scalability, allowing them to get the most out of their transport strategy ".