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Database services in the cloud have a greater acceptance for its impact on the protection or management.

With the recent emergence of Oracle 18 c and its cloud model strengthen a new paradigm database management systems, where databases seem to start to become unstuck from their models on - premise to cloud models or managed, in part by third parties.

This paradigm has long since erupted in the IT services and affects not only the management of services themselves, but also to the organization and definition of IT profiles like those of database administrators, and systems administrators in general.

Bases de datos Cloud

New cloud services.

Database services have traditionally been the most reluctant to set foot in the cloud, often because of fears or risks arising from the custody of data. But however they increasingly have a greater acceptance of the existing solutions in the cloud and its impact on the protection or management of the data.

Therefore, traditional services in the cloud such as PaaS (Platform as a Service) or IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) have given rise to new services such as DaaS (Data as a Service), and there is still room in the cloud for the emergence of new models of service.

A model with room to travel.

As we said, the cloud model impacts, in our organizations as in a redefinition of profiles in system administration.

Many may think that in this process “towards the cloud” the capacity of executing tasks is lost and that means losing or reducing the technological capability of the professionals or take risks.

However, the analysis is and should be precisely the opposite.

Productivity as a principle.

Referring to Eisenhower's time management matrix and Steven Covey's studies done in highly productive organizations; the productivity of organizations and their workers is precisely in focusing on the important and Non-Urgent areas, delegating tasks from the Non-important and Urgent areas that now take up time and this contributes very little to the path towards productivity in our organizations or to the technical solvency of our most qualified professionals.

Cloud services as a formula for value

The cloud has come to stay, and surely in the next few years all of the organizations that are productive, will have mixed models of clouds; combining public clouds from multiple providers and private clouds according to their needs and level of maturity IT.

The goal is to delegate to the cloud tasks, and part of the fulfillment of the service, to be able to focus on adding value to the projects and to the systems professionals, and convey value to the business and to our clients is our primary objective.

Miguel Ares, Project manager.