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Toledo City Council has chosen us as a partner to improve its digital storage capabilities.

The project, which includes the deployment and configuration of the new NAS system and maintenance and technical support, aims to evolve the previous storage solution used by the consistory, reduce the backup time used so far and ensure disaster recovery.

In this sense, the consistory has renewed its storage system to provide both up-to-date hardware and backup software and a set of features that will improve storage management possibilities and result in a substantial reduction in the backup time of all the information held by the agency.

In addition, the new features of Veem Backup & Replication software in its Enterprise version will allow, for example, to recover specific information directly without the need to rescue all copied data at any given time.

We will perform all services linked to the implementation and configuration of the system; the provision of the necessary elements; installation, configuration and commissioning of backup software; training of the organization's technicians and the maintenance and technical support for the five years of the contract.

The project, in which the Toledo City Council has invested more than 66,500 euros, was born after the need to reduce the time spent in the process of full copies. "Due to the growth in the volume of information to be backed up, and the limitations of the technology used, the backup windows were very high and the incremental copying process took longer every day and almost came to come together with the next process," said Manuel Aranda, associate director at Altia. Moreover, according to Manuel, the previous storage solution was not capable of properly addressing a disaster recovery strategy with guarantees.

Compared to the previous one, the new software has better capabilities aimed at display systems, runs backups with a speed more than ten times faster and can support the backup strategy envisaged by the City Council.

Toledo will improve its digital storage capacities