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Artificial Intelligence has grown in popularity over the past year, making headlines in mainstream media around the world. Belén Ferreiro, account manager at Altia, tells us what we can expect from AI this year.

We have been seeing the advance of Artificial Intelligence for years, and 2023 will be no different. It has become ubiquitous in many areas of our lives: we engage with intelligent algorithms when searching on the internet, shopping online, using tools like ChatGPT, talking to assistants like Alexa or even while using social media.

We are at a point where these are more than just machines that can learn, but are able to process large amounts of data, make predictions based on that data and adapt to different situations, enabling them to understand the topic at hand and generate real-time responses to continuously changing environments.

We can now say that Artificial Intelligence has become democratic – it is now a mature ecosystem of no-code solutions, platforms that make it more accessible, and more and more open source models being published.

In addition, AI has become a key element in cybersecurity, where attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and machine-speed assaults are on the rise. Solutions that use AI to detect, protect and neutralise cyber threats autonomously and in real time in all customer environments (networks, email, EndPoint, cloud...) play a critical role here.

It is also being applied to more specific and strategic sectors which, together with process and quality optimisation, will result in more sustainable production, cost savings and faster response times.

We will see what new developments 2023 brings in this continuously changing landscape. In Spain, all eyes will be on the launch of the Spanish Artificial Intelligence Supervision Agency (AESIA).

Artificial Intelligence
Belén Ferreiro

Belén Ferreiro

Account Manager