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OMIP, the Portuguese-Spanish regulated market operator, has awarded Altia the OMIPSu project to define, develop and implement a monitoring platform for the energy markets it manages.

The platform, deployed by Altia, will allow the operator to monitor the markets managed by OMIP by analysing and statistically processing data (prices, volumes and market shares), implement monitoring procedures and indicators (detection and evaluation of occurrences) and perform incident analysis and investigation. The tool will also enable generating regular activity reports on an ad hoc basis.

With this project, Altia will provide OMIP with a platform to analyse data both in real time and in market replay mode, allowing forensic analysis of trade and bid data in compliance with current EU regulations.

The project design consists of three blocks. First, the development of a backend that collects and processes all the market data from OMIP’s messaging system; second, the creation of a dashboard that displays all the data and statistics in real time; and third, the design of a frontend with a customisable interface to view the processed data.

In this way, OMIP will achieve compliance with the European market abuse regulations set out in Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014, which ensures the smooth functioning of a securities market free from manipulation and insider trading.