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Technology in power for the public authorities and administrations.

When we talk about drones, we all have the image of a device that flies controlled by a person with a specific license to perform this task (UAV, unmanned aerial vehicle), but we do not know really what applicability it could have on different sectors.

Its potential is undeniable. Drones are not a fad or a trend; they are a technological innovation that has come to stay. Allow us to reformulate, here and now, a multitude of public services in a more efficient, faster and cheaper way.


1.3 Public administrations: sectors and opportunities.

The Autonomous Communities are taking the initiative on this matter, and surely, it will serve as a boost for their use to spread to other areas of the society.

1. Agriculture

We could, for example, talk about the utility for the rural areas, with the control of the operations and proposals for improvement in the quality of the crops, increasing crop productivity and reducing cost in production in the same manner, for example, the proper management of water and, therefore, trying to achieve the best results for the farmer.

And, how do I improve water management?... analysing through comparison of images when a crop has excess or insufficient water in certain areas. All through the analysis of the images that we capture via a drone.

2. Prevention and safety

Also extend its use to the prevention of fire, safety, rescue at sea on the coasts, or the control of the environment.

How do you do it?... using boats that take autonomous samples for the measurement of water quality or control the degree of contamination of the water. The drones can have different types of cameras and gadgets according to the specific application that they want to provide.

These are just some of the possible applications, but an important issue: for this to be possible it’s necessary to have a strong infrastructure both for the uptake of the information as for the subsequent analysis.

Technology at the service of innovation

It is here, where we have a long journey ahead.

It is our work and commitment to the digital transformation to provide a revolutionary design of its architecture and develop it with the maximum guarantee. A development which permits the correct reception and storage of information, in order to subsequently generate the algorithms required to process the information, and to obtain, through the analysis of images, the necessary recommendations.

It remains to be seen how far his application will travel, and this will be soon, as in the case of cities, where regulations limiting there current use, but this will surely change.

Manuel Saz, Associate Director.