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Yesterday we participated in the Directors for a Day program, an AED initiative that celebrates its third edition this year.

Yesterday we participated in the Directives' program for a day, an initiative of AED that celebrates its third edition this year.

Directors for a Day offers students the opportunity to get to know the business world first-hand, and at the same time provide guidance for their professional expectations.

On the one hand, it seeks to transmit the values and example of managers, to offer a very realistic orientation in terms of their professional aspirations, to show a general vision of what it means to be a manager and what it entails (training, knowledge...) and on the other hand, for managers to get to know the new generations and to act as mentors. In summary, the selected students live a working day with a senior executive, and they know what it is like to run a company on a daily basis.

On the occasion of this initiative Tino Fernández Pico, CEO of Altia, received Borja González Seoane yesterday, a fourth year student in computer engineering at UDC (University of Coruña). During the morning, Borja was able to attend a meeting with different company executives. He also had the opportunity to see a project from within, with Diego Perdomo, who gave him advice on how to fit into a team and on the resources to be considered to face the different obstacles that can arrise in the projects. In the middle of the morning, he had a meeting with Irene Caramés, a colleague from our selection department, where they chatted about the professional progress of the company's workers. Finally, in the afternoon he shared his impressions with Tino and other companions.