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The cloud is no longer an option – it is now a necessity to which all companies must adapt. We spoke to Miguel Ares, Project Manager at Altia, about the importance of this technology. 

The cloud continues to be unstoppable. Every year, suppliers and clients see this technology as being closer and more valuable, thanks to factors such as the democratisation of remote working, the demanding task of talent recruitment or the automation of processes and tasks. With more and more companies integrating the cloud into their regular IT infrastructure, fear and reluctance are on their way out.

Digital channels are becoming more and more important and, therefore, so is the need to have them operational on a permanent basis. There is a need to develop immune architectures that are resilient, automatically scalable and secure.

The cloud makes a key contribution to businesses, mainly by providing flexibility, elasticity and capacity overflow, which are highly valued in today’s world. It also reduces fixed costs for organisations, making the investment worthwhile.

Miguel Ares

Miguel Ares

Project Manager