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The Provincial Council of Granada has entrusted us with implementing its Citizen Participation Portal and minutes video recording system

The project, co-financed with European funds, has enabled us to implement the two solutions so that both the Provincial Council of Granada (Diputación de Granada) and the local councils involved in the initiative can take a leap forward in their e-administration compliance and administrative modernisation strategy.

The launch of the Citizen Participation Portal allows the institutions taking part in the initiative to carry out a series of actions in which citizens can participate directly. For example, citizen proposals, which allow residents to bring initiatives and gather support, or the public hearings and consultations system, through which local entities can submit part of the initiatives they wish to carry out to the public for a decision. The portal includes features like opening discussion and debate threads, receiving citizen input on how budgets should be spent, or a voting system to choose between various options proposed by the administration.

All these features have been developed under strict security measures, guaranteeing secure access via the means established by the General State Administration (such as Cl@ve, electronic certificate and electronic ID).

Recording and broadcasting plenary sessions

The second solution we have implemented in the Provincial Council of Granada and the local councils is a multi-entity software platform to broadcast municipal plenary sessions in compliance with the regulations on administrative procedure and e-administration for broadcasting, recording and preparing digital plenary minutes.

Among other features, the platform provides a session panel displaying information on the status of each session and the associated documents; a search engine for published sessions; the option to electronically sign multimedia minutes and other related documents with multiple certificates using an advanced and recognised signature; management of speakers and users with different levels of permissions; the possibility of attaching information related to the plenary session in digital format (documents, presentations, photos, videos, etc.); and the option to stream the session.


“From Altia we would like to highlight the intense collaboration of the working teams of the Provincial Council of Granada, without which the project would have struggled to see the light of day, given the circumstances, conditioning factors and number of actors involved.”

“This project allows Altia to continue to expand its range of solutions and capabilities for the public sector, where we are already a leader.

Mikel Gomez · Altia Account Manager

The system has already been implemented in the technological infrastructure and Data Processing Centre of the Provincial Council of Granada..