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The Agency for the Digital Administration of the Community of Madrid will carry out a profound redesign of the set of web-portals that make up the web-portal

The Agency for the Digital management of the community of Madrid has hired Altia to undertake a profound redesign of the set of Web-portals that make up the portal

This Agency is making a commitment to the future with these new technologies providing citizens with the best information and quality in the services provided through the Web-portal "", with the intention, to make it a national and international reference.

The Agency, for this purpose, has been developing the information dissemination around "", " and its Web-portal, which has become the site of reference for citizens, companies and visitors who can access any topic related to the community’s competences.

To take advantage of the new technologies and adapt them to the new information and management requirements of the society, the Community of Madrid has incorporated into its line of dissemination, aspects such as socialization of the Web-portal and dissemination 2.0; multimedia content; news bulletins and adaptation to different audiences.

After a previous process of rationalization and redesign of the existing Web-portal, the Agency has decided to migrate from the current Content Manager to a new Content Manager (here in after CMS), which provides greater agility in the technological evolution, standardization and improvements in accessibility. This migration is the first step towards a web platform that covers new needs such as the transformation towards open governance.

To this end, the Agency has hired Altia for its experience in the field of implementing projects with CMS solutions, and specifically with Drupal, the chosen software solution for this project.

From our point of view, the contract is a shared challenge for both the Agency and Altia, as Altia's involvement in the project is complete. It is a contract with an initial duration of two years, with an option to extend for another two years.

The main axes of the service run by Altia are:

  • Migration of the related Web-portal summons, benefits, services and procedures also procurement, the Web-portal for procedures and formalities and the citizen's Web-portal.
    • Migration of the Web-portal for hospitals in multisite mode.
    • Incorporation of other portals with independent entities.
  • Evolution of Web-portals according to new trends in use and demands of the digital society, such as:
    • Evolution of the main Web-portal "".
    • Evolution of the Web-portal for citizen participation.
    • Integration of Web-portals with other systems.
  • Maintenance and development of the Web-portals already currently migrated to the Drupal platform. Evolution of the design of the portals of the platform according to new trends in use and demands of the digital society, including development of banners, logos and resource images.

This new contract is a new boost for Altia projects related to CMS technology, where the company has created its own ecosystem, aligned with the trends set by the IT sector, and which also constitutes a stimulus to the activity undertaken from the Madrid office, engine and mirror of the company's growth.

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