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The accrual of the dividend will be in favour of the share holders on December 10, 2018, payment will be made the following day, December 11, 2018

The Board of Directors of Altia yesterday approved the distribution to its shareholders of a dividend of 1.23 million euros, which represents 0.18 euros per share. The dividend accrual will be in favour of the share holders on 10 December 2018 and payment will be made the following day, 11 December 2018. The intention of the company, without being legally obliged to do so, is to maintain, whenever possible, an attractive shareholder remuneration policy through dividend distribution, but always in a conservative manner, with part of the revenue generated - as the sole source of dividend and without jeopardizing its current and future growth.

In this 2018, the approval of an interim dividend for the current year is repeated, as in 2017, an initiative that was taken with great interest and satisfaction with the investment community. Altia has been distributing dividend among its shareholders every year since its debut in the Alternative Stock Market in 2010.

With a turnover of 65 million euros in 2017, Altia is listed on the MAB in the segment of expanding companies. Currently, it is part of the IBEX MAB® 15, one of the 15 with the highest volume of contracting, being the company with the highest capitalization of this market in the segment of companies in expansion at the moment of writing this note.